Semaphore Consulting

July 8, 2020


Semaphore specialises in helping their clients master the art of designing & delivering business & technological change, using high-value consultants with a passion for exceptional delivery and outcomes.

Our Contributions

Responsive Web Development
Content Localization


Provide Semaphore with a global platform that connects their Norwegian Branch with their Australian counterpart.

Produce compelling and informative copy for both the Norwegian and English language.

Adhere to an existing brand style guide while also implementing a new and modernized take.

Our Solution

As a company with a global family, a crucial requirement of the Semaphore project was providing a bridge between continents. We addressed this problem by creating a hub page where branch (and language) can be selected. Providing a single address and launching point for potential visitors allowed Semaphore to simplify their promotional content efforts.

Creating a multi-lingual site required additional preparation and collaboration with Semaphore. By using dynamically populated content and a user-friendly CMS, we designed a website that adapts to the user's location.

In addition to ensuring consistency across Semaphore's branding, we created the opportunity for innovation by providing Semaphore with multiple prototypes representing potential modernised approaches. Through collaboration and iteration, we developed a new design language that integrates the best of both worlds.

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