Town Green Buffet

October 4, 2020


Town Green Buffet is a newly opened buffet restaurant located in the centre of Port Macquarie, offering a wide array of all-you-can-eat international cuisine.

Our Solution

Town Green Buffet came to us with the need for a sleek, professional website with a quick turnaround. With their opening day on the horizon, we used this as an opportunity to support their launch with a website that would add value and generate interest.

As a new dining venue, their website needed to be attractive and accessible to new patrons, as well as enticing and capable of generating an appetite.

Due to a fully booked out and successful opening, Town Green Buffet found their hands full and requested our help in creating compelling copy that would leave visitors hungry for more.

We also implemented Town Green Buffet's third party booking system, so that visitors who were enticed by the photography and copy could book a table via the same page as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

To ensure visitors could book a table, or get directions to the venue no matter what device they were browsing on, we designed the website to be fully responsive and mobile-optimised. Additionally, we provided multiple jumping-off points so that visitors could commence booking a table no matter what portion of the page they were viewing.

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